• Be a Monkey collaboration with Fed by Threads- LIMITED EDITION t-shirt preSALE now!

    Be a Monkey collaboration with Fed by Threads- LIMITED EDITION t-shirt preSALE now!

    Be a monkey! My collaboration with @fedbythreads is now ready for PRESALE. I am so excited to be connected with such good peeps that have such amazing "juju" for life, kindness, giving and community love.

    For each monkey tee sold magical things happen. YOU support small businesses like Fed By Threads who create sustainable organize clothing and a local artist and small business owner in Pasadena, CA Andrew Moore. Each tee is priced to be able to provide 12 boxed meals to the homeless. I encourage you check out www.fedbythreads.com for for details on their beautiful mission of community giving and love. They have an inspiring story, they are real people and making a real difference.

    This is why I have decided to share this image with them and with YOU. I would be honored if you purchased one to help manifest this monkey love all over the world. Know that YOU alone can make a difference.

    Presale starts now for the next 2-3 weeks. There are a few options for adults and kids so click on the link below for more details about me and the purchase.

    Thank you for the love,
    Dawn & Fed By Threads 


  • I LOVE Mary Caroline Jewelry !

    I LOVE Mary Caroline Jewelry !

    OMG, I was so excited to blog about an amazing yogi, friend and jewelry talent Mary Caroline Cruz.  She is the wonderful mastermind behind all of the fun and unique pieces with Mary Caroline Jewelry.  Her beautiful pieces can be made to order so you can collaboratively work with Mary to create YOUR OWN PIECE.  Her collection is breathtaking, unique and made with love.  Mary is a great friend of mine and knowing you're supporting an amazing artist, a small business owner and someone that pours their heart and soul into their craft should make your heart smile.  Most recently my fiancee Andrew and I asked Mary to custom create our wedding bands.  I'm so excited to see those visions come to life sometime next year.

    If you ever get the chance to meet this kind soul you'll soon find that her heart comes out in her beautiful creations but also comes out in her community love and spirit.  I recently collaborated with her in my Bird Pick Tea Flow and Tea events where we flow with love then sip on delicious teas provided by Bird Pick.  The community love that we have created coming together the first Saturday of each month has been filled with so much fun!  Mary jumped in and was lik, "Let me donate some beautiful intention bracelets for everyone who comes based on the theme of your flow".  THAT is the kind of warm, generous and caring individual you'll be supporting.

    So go check out my girl Mary's jewelry.  You can view her beautiful collection at http://www.etsy.com/shop/marycarolinejewelry.  Tell her a monkey sent you.  XO

  • Qi Yo Multi Yoga #ovalyogamat

    Qi Yo Multi Yoga #ovalyogamat

    A few months ago my yoga journey crossed paths with Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga and they introduced me to their wonderful oval yoga mat.  I was first intrigued as most are with the shape of their mat.  It was oval vs being long like the most traditional yoga mats.  I received my mat and loved that it was zero wate, organize and sustainable.  My favorite part of the mat that regardless where my flow went my hands and feet were always on the mat.  I love that!  The non-allergenic materials keeps moisture away from your body and the mat surface remains sticky for amazing contact for your hands and feet.  The cushion of the mat is amazing especially for those of us that love to play on our hands with various arm balances.  That additional support is so beneficial in so many ways.

    If you are looking for a wonderful new yoga mat investment for your practice anywhere consider looking at this mat.  You will love it!

    While you're checking out their awesome oval mats you should check out their yoga clothing and accessories.  I recently received one of their tank tops and it was so cozy and moved so well throughout my practice.  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful too!

    Head to their website at http://www.multiversalyoga.org where you can learn more about this wonderful organization and their products.

    Namaste XO 

  • Synergy Organic Clothing Ambassador

    Synergy Organic Clothing Ambassador

    I am so thrilled with my recent invitation to be part of the Synergy Organic Clothing Family based out of Santa Cruz, CA.  We organically connected on Instagram and the love affair with Sara, her staff and their beautiful cozy wear happened overnight.  You can check out their Fall 2014 lineup by clicking here: http://www.synergyclothing.com.  I know you'll fall head over heels with their clothing like I have!  Tell them a little "monkey" send you!

    Sara, thanks for the love and the opportunity to partner with a beautiful organization.  I love you and your clothing line.  BIG squeeeeeeeeze XO.

  • Flow and Tea 3.0- DECEMBER 6TH @ 9AM, Bird Pick Tea

    Flow and Tea 3.0- DECEMBER 6TH @ 9AM, Bird Pick Tea

    Welcome to Flow and Tea 3.0 with Monkey and Bird Pick Tea.  The first Saturday of each month I am collaborating with Bird Pick Tea as they clear out their shop before opening so we can flow in their magical space.  Come flow then share the community love of love and friendship afterwards as we sip on a delicious tea blend they will create just for us.  Space are limited and you don't want to miss out.  There will be a chance in a raffle to receive more BP love and you'll also receive a beautiful intention bracelet from my talented jewelry maker Mary Caroline Cruz.  She's a beautiful soul on and off her mat and you'll love the beautiful intention she will create for you too.

    You can purchase tickets clicking here http://tinyurl.com/flowandtea2016.  For more information you can connect with me through my website.

    I hope to see you for this magical event in a few weeks.  Spread the word and love.






  • Flow & Tea with BirdPick Tea- 1st Saturday of each month (Pasadena, CA)

    Flow & Tea with BirdPick Tea- 1st Saturday of each month (Pasadena, CA)

    You like tea?

    You like yoga?

    Such a fun collaboration with Bird Pick Tea in Pasadena, CA.  I absolutely love Lan and her BP family in Old Town Pasadena.  She has the cutest tea shop with the kindest tea experts that will blend any kind of tea for you for any reason.  About 2 months ago I approached Lan and shared an idea of inviting people into her shop before business hours and sharing YOGA then sip on tea.  She loved it the idea and gave me the ok to work with Ryan the tea shop manager to create my first Flow and Tea event.

    We hosted our first Flow and Tea event in October and it was a huge success.  We shared a beautiful yoga flow followed by a wonderful tea blend they created just for us.  As the store opened for business hours we continued to enjoy her beautiful space with a desire to meet on a regular basis... so Flow and Tea 2.0 was born.

    JOIN us the first Saturday of each month at Bird Pick Tea where I will leave a 60 minute Vinyasa Yoga flow followed by a tea tasting.  You can purchase a ticket using the link provided on my Yoga with Monkey Facebook page OR going to http://tinyurl.com/q956o9b.  The ticket includes the above and also an opportunity to enter and win additional Bird Pick Tea love!  This Saturday there will be additional love from my friend Mary Cruz, Owner and Creator of Mary Caroline Jewelry who is making intention bracelets for everyone who comes!  You don't want to miss out!

    Stay connected with me here and hopefully our paths will cross at a future Flow and Tea event.

    Flow and Tea 3.0 will be hosted on Saturday December 6, 2014 @ 9AM at Bird Pick Tea, Old Town Pasadena, CA.

    Happy YOGA and TEA sipping!!!



  • My first Bliss SUP Yoga class- Diver's Cover, Laguna Beach, CA

    My first Bliss SUP Yoga class- Diver's Cover, Laguna Beach, CA

    What a magical day out in the water with 5 amazing yogis!  I ended up taking the day off on Friday and played on my board all day.  I paddled out and saw the sea lions and soaked up the sunshine.  I went to bed pooped out and excited to teach my first SUP yoga class!

    So when you teach on land you can craft your class and for the most part stick with that class you planned.  On the water... well, it's a different story.  I planned a standing Warrior pose then swosh... the ocean decides to get a little choppy.  On the spot you learn to GO WITH THE FLOW.  Teaching on the water creates an opportunity for you to be FULLY present and to FULLY let go.  The magic that I felt that day teaching was unlike any other.  I'm officially addicted to the feeling of complete bliss with taking my yoga practice to the water.

    The rest of class went with the flow of what the ocean wanted to share with us for that day and we just went with it.  We soaked up more sunshine and then took our time paddling back to shore.

    I want to take a minute to thank Dana, Taylor, Angela, Brandon and the rest of the Bliss tribe for their warm welcome to the family.  I am looking forward with the possibility of having one monthly regular class that will bring me to the water on a regular basis.  My intention is to create buzz for those of us that live a little further from the ocean and create massive excitement encouraging people to make the time no matter where they live to come to the water and share in this magical experience.

    Stay connected to find out when my next SUP class will be.  I will be looking for you!  XO

  • Standup Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training- San Diego September 2014

    Standup Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training- San Diego September 2014

    Just got home from a long weekend at Mission Bay in San Diego where I completed my Standup Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training.  I had THE best time of my life.  I met people from all around the world who shared a love of yoga and the ocean.  It was absolute MAGIC.

    There were so many wonderful things that really hit home for me practicing out in the elements of nature.  Very quickly you learn to completely LET GO!  You can craft and practice your class to a tea, then here comes a wave, here some a sailboat, a surfer.... anything goes!  You learn to adjust and quickly adapt to your surroundings and go with what you have for that moment right now.  On the water you have to be fully present because when you're on the board and your mind wanders... Guess what? ... you fall right into the ocean (which isnt' a bad thing either hehe).  The whole experience of being one outside dancing and swimming with Mother Earth was such a gift.  I am thankful for this experience with BLISS and the new friends that I met.

    I am so excited to share my stories and my yoga on a paddleboard with all of you.  This experience was life changing and I look forward to teaching my first SUP YOGA class in the very near future.  If you have an opportunity to try it...  GO FOR IT!!!



  • Hello! My name is Bbo Bbo.

    Hello!  My name is Bbo Bbo.

    I am so excited to introduce my little monkey who now has a name. Meet Bbo Bbo. You pronounce it the "O" with a long sounding O. It's Korean for small peck or kiss. A few days ago my love Andrew Moore created this little guy for me. I love how playful and happy he looks. My intention with this little guy is to continue to share my love of yoga in a community style setting in my hometown Pasadena, CA... and who knows maybe the world.

    I just recently started teaching a regular Sunday flow class and look forward to seeing my little community of inspirational yogis. Each week they come share their amazing practices with me and then monkey around afterwards working on various asanas supporting and sharing great tips! I love it!

    I feel my confidence growing as I continue to refine my teaching skills. I still have those hiccups but I've learned to embrace them completely and know there is never any judgement in yoga. I love that. I've also taught my first workshop to beginner yogis and am so excited to see some of them come for my regular Sunday night class! It's truly inspiring to see newbies begin their journey on their mat and to know I was a small part of that is so rewarding.

    In less than a week I start my SUP TT training in San Diego. I am so stoked to get certified and then hope to be close to the water and teach at least once a month. What a dream come true!

    THANK YOU all for your love and support! The journey has been so amazing so far and each day it gets better and better. I am truly humbled. Much love and lots of Bho Bho's to you!!  Kiss Kiss!

    Love and Light,


  • I am Balinisports Ambassador!

    I am Balinisports Ambassador!

    Just a few days ago I was asked to be a Balinisports Ambassador. What an amazing honor to be asked to represent a beautiful yoga, active wear line of beautiful inspirational clothing. I couldn't believe it!!!

    If you're looking for wonderful yoga clothing or active wear you have to check out their gear. It's so comfortable, and the fit is perfect! The way it fits while I was flowing was MAGIC!

    Thank you Balinisports for the opportunity to represent your line.  It's an honor.

    Namaste xo