• Hello! My name is Bbo Bbo.

    Hello!  My name is Bbo Bbo.

    I am so excited to introduce my little monkey who now has a name. Meet Bbo Bbo. You pronounce it the "O" with a long sounding O. It's Korean for small peck or kiss. A few days ago my love Andrew Moore created this little guy for me. I love how playful and happy he looks. My intention with this little guy is to continue to share my love of yoga in a community style setting in my hometown Pasadena, CA... and who knows maybe the world.

    I just recently started teaching a regular Sunday flow class and look forward to seeing my little community of inspirational yogis. Each week they come share their amazing practices with me and then monkey around afterwards working on various asanas supporting and sharing great tips! I love it!

    I feel my confidence growing as I continue to refine my teaching skills. I still have those hiccups but I've learned to embrace them completely and know there is never any judgement in yoga. I love that. I've also taught my first workshop to beginner yogis and am so excited to see some of them come for my regular Sunday night class! It's truly inspiring to see newbies begin their journey on their mat and to know I was a small part of that is so rewarding.

    In less than a week I start my SUP TT training in San Diego. I am so stoked to get certified and then hope to be close to the water and teach at least once a month. What a dream come true!

    THANK YOU all for your love and support! The journey has been so amazing so far and each day it gets better and better. I am truly humbled. Much love and lots of Bho Bho's to you!!  Kiss Kiss!

    Love and Light,