• Standup Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training- San Diego September 2014

    Standup Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training- San Diego September 2014

    Just got home from a long weekend at Mission Bay in San Diego where I completed my Standup Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training.  I had THE best time of my life.  I met people from all around the world who shared a love of yoga and the ocean.  It was absolute MAGIC.

    There were so many wonderful things that really hit home for me practicing out in the elements of nature.  Very quickly you learn to completely LET GO!  You can craft and practice your class to a tea, then here comes a wave, here some a sailboat, a surfer.... anything goes!  You learn to adjust and quickly adapt to your surroundings and go with what you have for that moment right now.  On the water you have to be fully present because when you're on the board and your mind wanders... Guess what? ... you fall right into the ocean (which isnt' a bad thing either hehe).  The whole experience of being one outside dancing and swimming with Mother Earth was such a gift.  I am thankful for this experience with BLISS and the new friends that I met.

    I am so excited to share my stories and my yoga on a paddleboard with all of you.  This experience was life changing and I look forward to teaching my first SUP YOGA class in the very near future.  If you have an opportunity to try it...  GO FOR IT!!!