• My first Bliss SUP Yoga class- Diver's Cover, Laguna Beach, CA

    My first Bliss SUP Yoga class- Diver's Cover, Laguna Beach, CA

    What a magical day out in the water with 5 amazing yogis!  I ended up taking the day off on Friday and played on my board all day.  I paddled out and saw the sea lions and soaked up the sunshine.  I went to bed pooped out and excited to teach my first SUP yoga class!

    So when you teach on land you can craft your class and for the most part stick with that class you planned.  On the water... well, it's a different story.  I planned a standing Warrior pose then swosh... the ocean decides to get a little choppy.  On the spot you learn to GO WITH THE FLOW.  Teaching on the water creates an opportunity for you to be FULLY present and to FULLY let go.  The magic that I felt that day teaching was unlike any other.  I'm officially addicted to the feeling of complete bliss with taking my yoga practice to the water.

    The rest of class went with the flow of what the ocean wanted to share with us for that day and we just went with it.  We soaked up more sunshine and then took our time paddling back to shore.

    I want to take a minute to thank Dana, Taylor, Angela, Brandon and the rest of the Bliss tribe for their warm welcome to the family.  I am looking forward with the possibility of having one monthly regular class that will bring me to the water on a regular basis.  My intention is to create buzz for those of us that live a little further from the ocean and create massive excitement encouraging people to make the time no matter where they live to come to the water and share in this magical experience.

    Stay connected to find out when my next SUP class will be.  I will be looking for you!  XO