• I LOVE Mary Caroline Jewelry !

    I LOVE Mary Caroline Jewelry !

    OMG, I was so excited to blog about an amazing yogi, friend and jewelry talent Mary Caroline Cruz.  She is the wonderful mastermind behind all of the fun and unique pieces with Mary Caroline Jewelry.  Her beautiful pieces can be made to order so you can collaboratively work with Mary to create YOUR OWN PIECE.  Her collection is breathtaking, unique and made with love.  Mary is a great friend of mine and knowing you're supporting an amazing artist, a small business owner and someone that pours their heart and soul into their craft should make your heart smile.  Most recently my fiancee Andrew and I asked Mary to custom create our wedding bands.  I'm so excited to see those visions come to life sometime next year.

    If you ever get the chance to meet this kind soul you'll soon find that her heart comes out in her beautiful creations but also comes out in her community love and spirit.  I recently collaborated with her in my Bird Pick Tea Flow and Tea events where we flow with love then sip on delicious teas provided by Bird Pick.  The community love that we have created coming together the first Saturday of each month has been filled with so much fun!  Mary jumped in and was lik, "Let me donate some beautiful intention bracelets for everyone who comes based on the theme of your flow".  THAT is the kind of warm, generous and caring individual you'll be supporting.

    So go check out my girl Mary's jewelry.  You can view her beautiful collection at http://www.etsy.com/shop/marycarolinejewelry.  Tell her a monkey sent you.  XO