• Yoga + Travel

    Yoga + Travel

    SUPER excited and honored to be featured fusing 2 loves of mine:  YOGA and TRAVEL.  

    Take a peek:


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  • My first yoga workshop

    My first yoga workshop


    Today, I am so grateful for the opportunity of leading my first yoga workshop.  It was such an honor to share my knowledge and passion for yoga.  My hope was that you left being inspired to maybe try yoga again very soon.

    After class I received a message from one of the students who thanked me for helping her realize that yoga was much more than what she thought it was.  I cherish this sweet compliment and was reminded that when you touch and inspire just ONE person you can make a huge difference.  I love sharing yoga with my community and feel good knowing today I shared my heart, my knowledge and my love of yoga with a few souls and made a difference in their lives today.

    Big love and light,


  • Erica, this class is dedicated for Y O U! xoxo

    Erica, this class is dedicated for Y O U!  xoxo

    It's Thursday around 1241pm and I'm in between calls taking a little lunch break finalizing my playlist for second class.  I'm so excited to see my confidence grow as a yoga teacher as I take my mat in front of class again.  My intention tonight is to TRUST myself completely and move more with heart and less with trying to ensure that my crafted class I prepared goes without a hitch.  I am so thankful for so many amazing people in my life that have been my backbone the past few months.  For you I am so thankful, grateful and filled with so much love.

    Tonight my teacher Erica who has seen my practice grow over the past 2 years is coming to MY class?  Did that I just say that?  That sounded funny because I am so used to seeing her pretty smiling face in front of class it will be awkward to see her out in front of me as my student.  Tonight my heart, my crafted class, my playlist are dedicated to you.  You have been such a huge source of yoga love, inspiration and guidance.  I could not have done this without you!  I look forward to sharing a little bit of me with you tonight.  I love you girlie!  XO

  • All You Can Yoga Ambassador

    All You Can Yoga Ambassador

    Can you see a little monkey?  I was so excited to be named an All You Can Yoga (AYCY) Ambassador for Pasadena, CA!  It's an honor to be part of an international yoga family of men and women finding their own voice and way of sharing their love of yoga. Thank you so much for this awesome recognition!



  • Monkey love note #1

    Monkey love note #1

    Hello! My name is Dawn. Welcome to my first official blog page. I am so excited to share various "stuff" with you. Some days my blog might be a personal journey entry. You know the ones that start out like... Dear Journal. Other days it might be sharing something or someone that inspired me in some way. Another entry might be about my travels sharing where I went, what I did and maybe who I met. The cool thing about having a blog is having a place to freely write and share. I absolutely love that!

    So that is my intention. Here goes.... ENTRY #1

    I'm at the Burbank airport now post a few hours after teaching my first official yoga class. I'm still flying high with gratitude for so many people showing up for class. These amazing yogis trusted me to guide them through intelligent sequencing ...and GUESS WHAT?!?? I did it!!! Believe me it wasn't perfect but I'm reminded that IMPERFECTION is PERFECTION and with time, practice and self love I know that eventually I will find my own yoga teacher "voice" and style of teaching that will define who and what I want to represent.

    Yoga has been such a magical gift for me. After YTT (yoga teacher training) I look at myself and I definitely see a "better" version of me. I had no intention of teaching yoga and wanted this experience to just deepen my own practice. On the last day of class I changed my mind verbally speaking the words, I do want to teach." I love where I am at in my life. I love my job and love my creative outlet through photography, traveling and yoga. I'm so excited to continue to share what I learn, where I continue to grow, and where I dream of going. I just know that my heart is wide opened now and I want to continue to share to keep it as open as possible. BIG love.